The Founder

Jeffrey Patnaude has served as a priest of the Episcopal church since 1974– as the leader of two large congregations for 16 years  and then, for the past 31 years through a Ministry in the Marketplace:  Helping create workplaces that are kinder and committed to authentic care for their people, Jeff has coached and taught tens of thousands of leaders in the transformational ways of Servant Leadership:  Author of five books on leadership and mentoring, Jeff continues to write and contribute to The Greater Good with seminars and his newest writings. Also the author of 35 Parentables, Parables for Parenting, Jeff’s children’s books have long been his passion and another way to fulfill his purpose for teaching the ways of wisdom and goodness: The White Rhino Press.

As Founder of The Wingspan Foundation in 1995, Jeff now is turning much of his energy toward “helping release those who are bound” through his program, The Habits of Heroes, 12 Practices for The Greater Good. Focusing on formerly incarcerated, underprivileged high school youth and transitioning veterans, his program has a long legacy in personal transformation. Through a Teach to Learn © process in which the Hero Mentor is taught by an Executive Mentor to learn more effectively by teaching others, this program scales with the potential of touching the lives of millions of participants.

“If you feed someone a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach someone to fish you feed them for a lifetime. But if you teach someone how to teach others to fish, you can feed the world.”