Denise B. Coley

Founder & Principal Enable your Vision, Palo Alto, CA

Denise Coley is the founder of Enable Your Vision, a firm that provides supplier diversity consulting to drive economic vitality for diverse businesses, corporations and the communities in which they reside.

For more than two decades, Coley’s leadership and vision have had and continue to have a significant impact not only on the number one IT company in the world’s global supplier diversity business development activities, but also those of the national and international supplier diversity communities. The supplier diversity communities benefit through her leadership, advocacy, mentorships, memberships, sponsorships, and programming all aimed at growing and sustaining their businesses.  In a recent former corporate role as the leader of the company’s global supplier diversity business development center of excellence and strategic programs office, she was responsible for developing and facilitating relationships between the company’s diverse suppliers, partners and customers. Connecting these ecosystems of commerce groups promoted economic growth and sustainability on a global basis.

Denisehas served on national and international boards throughout her career. She remains active in her community and in national and international business. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018, she has been focused on a multidisciplinary approach: pulling together a team (medical, fitness (rock steady boxing, tai chi, personal training, yoga, etc.), myofascialtherapy, sleep, breathing techniques and support groups) to help navigate and manage the Parkinson’s journey. She also participates in the Parkinson’s Moving Day.

Denise is interested in increasing Parkinson awareness, education and communications to under-engaged and remote global communities. She was recently selected to join the Parkinson’s Foundation, People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council in May 2019.Denise was selected to participate in the Parkinson’s Foundation’s Learning Institute in Collaboration with University of Minnesota Morris K. Udall Center for Parkinson’s Disease Research in May 2019 (Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR)). She was recently selected to participate on the World Parkinson Coalition Committee on Global Equity, Access, and Inclusion working group in February 2020. Denise joined the PD Avengers July 2020. She became a member of the Parkinson Foundation California Advisory Board September 2020.