Jeff Patnaude

Habits of Heroes Founder

Habits of Heroes is a collection of wisdom that has come to him through the many Mentors who have helped shape his life. More about Jeff…

Gary Malkin

Partner/Producer/Keynote Speaker/Wellness Innovator/Composer/Performer

Gary is a 7 time Emmy Award winning composer and Partner/Producer of Habits of Heroes.

Paul Manieri

Executive Director

Raised in south Philadelphia, Paul is a husband and Nonno to 6 amazing grandchildren. His passion for serving God and Humanity has led him to an eventful life of continual success in business and entrepreneurship, with struggles and wins that are invaluable resources for his clients in the Delaware Valley, across the United States, and beyond. As President of the APCC(American Public Communications Council), he led and participated in the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. As co-founder of the HR Chapter of the International Coach Federation, he encouraged the pioneering of another industry, Coaching for Professional & Personal Mastery.

Diane Adams

Chief Culture and Talent Officer, Sprinklr

It Takes More than Casual Fridays and Free Coffee, Palgrave, Macmillan.
Member of Advisory Council
Chief People Officer, QLIK
Practice Two

Dolores Huerta

Co-Founder of United Farm Workers

Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award
Practice Three

Bruce Cryer

Former CEO of Heart Math

Practice Four

Toby Bramblett

Executive Director of Corpening Memorial YMCA, Marion, NC

Focusing on strategy, branding, and resource development for non-profits and start-up sized businesses.